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week_13_tech_handout - Fulfilling Technologys promise...

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Fulfilling Technology’s promise: Enforcing the Rights of Women Caught in the Global High-Tech Underclass - Shruti rana This article focuses on two groups of women: Factory Workers in the free traded zones Malaysia vs Asian immigrant assembly workers in the United States in order to show the gender-based, immobile industrial underclass that can develop in different societies. Women in the Malaysian Electronics o Women have formed the backbone of the of the labor force and comprised nearly 80% of the workforce electronic industry o Women hold 87% of lower ranked jobs as compared to the 77% of males who hold supervisory/professional jobs o Women have been targeted for lower ranked jobs because of: o Physical Stereotypes- Asian women have smaller hands and “faster fingers” o Social Stereotypes- easier to train and adapt to job function o Economic position- women suppose to be temporary workers in order to have children
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