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WGS 210: September 1, 2009 Choose a group of 4-5 that includes at least two different colleges. In groups of 4-5, work through the following questions. Choose a scribe and one or two people who will report back to the class. Find two things that are the same and two things that are different about ALL the members of your group. Which departments are represented in your group? What is the demographic breakdown of your classes on average? (How many men/women, race/ethnicity, ability?) What are some of the ways this impacts you or others in your courses? Comment on one thing you love and one thing you find challenging about your field of study.
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Think about the autobiographical accounts you read by Hammonds and Keller. Both of these readings provide firsthand accounts of the personal and social barriers to women’s success in science during the 1950s and 1970s. Do any members of your group ever feel there are similar barriers to their success or the success of others today?
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Unformatted text preview: Have you ever considered changing majors due to the climate of your discipline? Have you ever felt like someone implied that you were good or bad at something because of your gender and/or race? What was the situation and how did it make you feel? How could this “stereotype threat” impact people? Both of these articles describe how the authors were part of an extreme minority and felt alienated in their chosen field. This resulted in a great deal of self-doubt. Can you recall any times when you have doubted your own abilities instead of questioning the culture of your chosen field of study? How did Hammonds and Keller transform their experiences into something positive? What support networks are in place for the members of your group? If you are struggling with school and/or life issues, what resources are available to you?...
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wk2-worksheet_sept_1 - Have you ever considered changing...

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