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Finanacial Statement Assignment One - 2008 How much...

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ACCOUNTING 5100 Financial Statement Assignment 1 Fall 2009 MUST BE SUBMITTED IN CLASS ON October 20th Please go to the relevant financial statements (use the statements that are provided by the company on their website in the Investor Relations section or at where you want to look for the relevant 10-K—you will be penalized if your numbers are different from those presented on the company’s website or at under filings and forms) for the year ending 2008 based on the first initial of your last name. When you have located the financial statements answer the following questions: 1. What were the total assets at the end of 2008? What were the total assets at the end of 2007? 7564,000,000. 7838,000,000 2. How much cash (and cash equivalents) did the company have at the end of
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Unformatted text preview: 2008? How much cash (and cash equivalents) did the company have at the end of 2007? 1715,000,000. 1724,000,000 3. How much revenue (sales) did the company have in 2008? 14526,000,000 4. From the Statement of Cash flow identify an operating activity, investing activity and a financing activity. Depreciation and amortization, purchases of property and equipment, Payments of long-term debt 5. In the notes to the financial statements identify a note that refers to a prepayment or an accrual. (Identify the note number and paraphrase the content in no more than 2 sentences). Note 7 Last Name Company A-E Ann Taylor F-J Target K-O Gap P-Z OfficeMax Please also include the following information: NAME: MAJOR: ANTICIPATED GRADUATION DATE:...
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