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take home finalfall2009 - Accounting 5100 Take-home final...

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Accounting 5100 Take-home final Fall 2009 The final exam is due by midnight on December 15th. Please bring a hard copy to the final exam. If this is not possible, you have until midnight to submit the final through the digital dropbox. While you may work together on this exam, each student must turn in his or her own original work to receive credit on the exam ( Make sure your submissions are different, meaning make some type of COSMETIC CHANGES ). Situations involving plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for all parties who turn in the same assignment. In addition, all questions concerning this assignment should be directed to ME . It is okay to discuss the assignment with classmates and via the Discussion Board set up on Blackboard. The following information is presented for the Dissonex Corporation. Be sure to read the problem all the way through before you begin working so that you know what you are required to do and what is required to be turned in. The following post closing trial balance is presented for Dissonex Corporation as of December 31, 2007. Dissonex Corporation Post Closing trial balance December 31, 2007 Account Name Debit Credit Cash 419,237 Trading Securities 67,500 Accounts Receivable 254,000 Short Term Notes Receivable 667,875 Inventory 235,000 Prepaid insurance 60,700 Prepaid rent 57,000 Supplies 45,000 Long-term Investments 389,000 Long-term Notes Receivable 75,000 Equipment 589,080 Machinery 960,900 Land 864,575 Building 560,900 Copyright 112,500 Accounts payable 876,000 Salaries payable 65,000 Mortgage payable 616,000 Short-term Notes Payable 44,000 Long-term Notes Payable 375,600 Common Stock 965,000 Retained earnings 1,655,215 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts-Accounts Receivable
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This note was uploaded on 12/25/2009 for the course ACC 5100 taught by Professor Andrews during the Fall '09 term at Wayne State University.

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take home finalfall2009 - Accounting 5100 Take-home final...

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