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HW09_1 - P1112 Spring 2009 Homework#1 HW#1 will not be...

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P1112 Spring 2009 Homework #1 HW #1 will not be collected. Solutions will be posted on Friday Jan 23. Note: Quiz on HW #1 and HW #2 in first section of Week of Feb. 2. Reading: 1.1-1.10 (p.1 – p.23 only), 2.1-2.6 Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the reading and in the homework problems. Highly recommended reading on problem-solving and dimensional analysis : Sections 1.1 & 1.2 of a new mechanics textbook by D. Morin, which are available from a link on this page : http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~djmorin/book.html Problems: 1. Uncertainties: Y&F 1.12 2. In America, we measure fuel efficiency of our cars by citing the number of miles you can drive on one gallon of gas (mi/gal). In Europe, the same information is given by quoting how many liters of gas it takes to go 100 km (L/100 km). a. My current car gets 24 mi/gal in highway travel. What number (in L/100 km) should I give to my Swedish friend so that he can compare it to his Volvo?
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