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HW09_4 - P1112 Spring 2009 Homework#4 due second section of...

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P1112 Spring 2009 Homework #4, due second section of the week of Feb. 9. Solutions will be posted Feb. 13. Quiz first section of week of Feb. 16. Reading: Text Chapter 4. Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the assigned reading and in the homework problems. Ideal springs (see Problems 2 and 3) are not in the reading, but we will discuss them in class. See also your lab manual, Lab 3. 1. Y&F 4.4 Dragging a trunk up a ramp . 2. A 0.20 kg mass is suspended by attaching it to the lower end of an ideal spring. The upper end of the spring is attached to a hook in the ceiling. The spring stretches by 5.0 cm due to the weight of the mass. a. Draw a free-body diagram of the mass and a free-body diagram of the spring. Label all forces (e.g. F S on M for the force exerted by the spring on the mass). Indicate Third-Law Pairs. b. What is the spring constant of the spring? 3. Before attempting this problem, do the pre-lab assignment (about springs in parallel and in series) for Lab 3.
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