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HW09_10 - P1112 Spring 2009 Homework#10 HW#10 will not be...

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P1112 Spring 2009 Homework #10 HW #10 will not be collected. Solutions posted Tuesday March 31. (Problems 2 and 3 are relevant for the prelim). Quiz on HW #10 and HW #11 first section of week of April 13. Reading: Text 8.6, Chapter 9. Problems: 1. Y&F 8.113 (b) Center of mass of a variable density rod (we’ll do Part (a) in lecture). 2. Y&F 8.61 A single-stage rocket is accelerated from rest from a deep-space platform, where gravity is negligible. If the rocket burns its fuel in a time of 50.0 s, and the relative speed of the exhaust gas is 2100 m/s, what must the mass ration m 0 /m be for a final speed of 8.0 km/s? 3. Y&F 9.25 A flywheel with a radius of 0.30 m starts from rest and accelerates with a constant angular acceleration of 0.60 rad/s 2 . Compute the magnitude of the tangential acceleration, the radial acceleration and the resultant acceleration of a point on its rim a) at the start, b) after it has turned through 60.0 0 , c) after it has turned through 120.0 0 . 4. Illustrated below is a flat square plate of mass M , with sides of length R .
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