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15.5 - Web assignment. An assembly line at your company has broken down. You know that the probability distribution for Fnding the broken mechanism depends on the amount of time spent searching ( x ) and the number of people searching ( y ). f ( x, y ) = b c y x on R 0 not on R R is the region in the Frst quadrant below the line y = - 2 x + 10 . (a) ±ind the value of c such that the probability of Fnding the broken mechanism is one.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) ±ind the probability of Fnding the broken mechanism if 3-5 people search for 0-2 hours. (c) If the cost of each breakdown is C ( x, y ) = x 3 y , what is the average cost of a breakdown? (hint: To Fnd the average cost, multiply the cost by the probability of incurring that cost). Solutions: (a) c = 6 625 (b) probability = 96 625 (c) average cost = 250 7 2...
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