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Cylcoords - z1=r%cone z2=1 sqrt(1-r.^2 hemisphere z%convert...

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%The following scrip is useful for plotting cylindrical surfaces. % %The example given plots the ice cream cone from lecture and %shows the projection of the polar grid in the xy-plane % [r,theta]=meshgrid(0:.1:1,0:pi/10:2*pi);
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Unformatted text preview: z1=r; %cone z2=1+sqrt(1-r.^2); % hemisphere z %convert to rectangular x=r.*cos(theta); y=r.*sin(theta); y %plot the shape hold off; mesh(x,y,z1*0); %projection hold on; surf(x,y,z1); %cone surf(x,y,z2); %hemi-sphere s...
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