Distance - [X,Y]=solve(DQ(1,DQ(2 X=X(5 Y=Y(5%ignore...

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% This code will solve for the minimum distance between a paraboloid and the point % Paraboloid - z=x^2+2*y^2 % point - P(2,2,1) % syms x y Q=(x-2)^2+(y-2)^2+(x^2+2*y^2-1)^2 pretty(Q) DQ=jacobian([Q],[x,y])
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Unformatted text preview: [X,Y]=solve(DQ(1),DQ(2)) X=X(5); Y=Y(5); %ignore imaginary results Z=X^2+2*Y^2; d=sqrt((X-2)^2+(Y-2)^2+(Z-1)^2) d %helpful commands are % help jacobian % help pretty % help sym\solve.m...
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