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Lab Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________________ Grade: ______ P1112 Lab Notes Pre-lab 6-1 Cornell University, Spring 2009 Lab Unit # 6 Pre-lab Questions: Collisions I – “Bounce” Collisions 1. (a) In a head-on (1-D) elastic collision between two identical pucks on a frictionless surface, where puck # 1 (“projectile”) is initially moving in the x + direction at speed 0 v towards puck # 2 at rest (“target”), what should be the velocities x f 1 v and x f 2 v of the pucks after colliding? = x f 1 v ____________________. = x f 2 v ____________________. Please include diagrams showing Before and After the collision: Before: After: (b) What should be the velocities of the center of mass (CM) of the two pucks before (i) and after (f) the collision (in terms of 0 v )? = x CMi v ____________________. = x CMf v ____________________. Please show any calculations that you use:
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2009_Spring_P1112_Lab_06_Prelab - Lab Section: _ Name: _...

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