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P1112_Sp2009_Lab8_prelab - Lab Section Name Grade Lab...

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Lab Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________________ Grade: ______ P1112 Lab Notes Pre-lab 8-1 Cornell University, Spring 2009 Lab Unit # 8 Pre-lab Questions: Angular Momentum & Precession 1. Write the general mathematical relation that exists between the total (vector) angular momentum L r of a system about a point and the net external (vector) torque τ r acting on the system about the same point. 2. A spinning bicycle wheel of total mass M and radius R is suspended from a rope at point P on its axle, a distance s from the wheel’s center of mass (CM). (a) Write an expression for the magnitude of the torque τ about point P produced by the wheel’s weight (in terms of M and s ). = τ ____________________. What is the direction of this torque τ r as a vector quantity? (b) What torque about point P is produced by the tension force exerted by the rope? = tension τ r ____________________. (c) With the wheel spinning as shown in the diagram, which way will it precess about point P? Please be sure to express your answer unambiguously by specifying your vantage point carefully.
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