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Name:____________________ Partners:_________________________________ 1 Physics 1112, Spring 2009 Cooperative Problems, Week 3 1. Relative Velocity [based on YF Problem 3.93]. Two students are canoeing on a straight river. While heading upstream, they accidentally drop an empty bottle overboard. They then continue paddling for 1.0 h, reaching a point 2.0 km farther upstream*. At this point they realize that the bottle is missing and, driven by ecological awareness, they turn around and head downstream. They catch up with and retrieve the bottle (which has been moving along with the current) 5.0 km downstream* from the turn- around point. Assume the river current flows at a constant speed and that the canoeists use the same paddling effort upstream and downstream. (*These distances are with respect to the river bank.)
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Draw vectors to represent the upstream displacement of the canoe (from bottle drop to turnaround), the downstream displacement of the canoe (from turnaround to bottle retrieval), and the total displacement of the bottle (from drop to retrieval) in the reference frame of the river bank. (b) Draw vectors to represent the three displacements in the reference frame of the water. How are the magnitudes of the canoe’s displacements related? Now use your vector diagrams to answer parts (c) and (d). (c) For how much time do they paddle downstream? (d) What are the magnitudes of their upstream and downstream displacements in the reference frame of the water? How fast is the river flowing with respect to the bank? What would the canoe speed in a still lake be for the same paddling effort?...
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