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Name:__________________ Partners:______________________________ 1 Physics 1112 Cooperative Problems Week 12: Rolling A hoop of radius R and mass M is spinning CCW ( ) with angular speed ω o while sliding to the right ( ) with center-of-mass speed v o on a horizontal surface (with friction). The hoop slows, reverses direction, and eventually rolls without slipping to the left ( ) with constant center-of-mass speed v f . Ignore air resistance. v o ω o (z axis is out of the page) (a) Try to demonstrate this sequence of motions experimentally. (b) On the diagram above, draw a carefully-labeled extended free-body diagram showing all the forces acting on the hoop while it is sliding to the right ( ) and spinning. Be sure to draw the tail of each vector arrow at the point where the force acts. (c) Using your free-body diagram and what you know about the various forces, show that the net torque due to these forces is zero about a point O on the horizontal surface along the hoop’s
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Physics_1112__Spring_2009__Co_op_12__Hoop - Name:_...

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