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Grammar Unit 3: Structuring sentences carefully Adapted from When you write prose you want it to be clear and precise, rather than vague and convoluted. You can do this by structuring each sentence carefully, thinking about word choice and most importantly refrain from overusing prepositional phrases which crowd your prose with unnecessary words. Structuring Sentences Carefully Sometimes a sentence is grammatically correct but the phrasing may be awkward. You may often get “awkw phrasing” written on your paper. How would you change this? Conrad explains Marlow’s ideas about Kurtz through Marlow’s monologues in which he thinks about him. Who is the actor in this sentence? Who does “he” refer to? How could we change this sentence to make it clearer? Thinking about Word Choice How do we know which is the best word to use? Sometimes more than one word is appropriate in a sentence, but we as writers must decide which word we will use, i.e.
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