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ENGRI 115, Fall 2006 1 ENGRI 115 FINAL 12/13/2006 Problem 1 / 15 Problem 2 / 35 Problem 3 / 20 Problem 4 / 15 Problem 5 / 35 Extra credit /15 Problem 6 / 30 Total /150+15 Name: You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to answer all the questions in the exam. Please write the answers in the spaces provided in this booklet. The points for each part of each problem are given. Be sure to give full explanations for all of your answers. In most cases, correct reasoning alone is worth more credit than an unjustified correct answer. Your explanation need not be wordy, but it should be sufficient to justify your answer. Also, you will receive more credit for an incorrect answer if you recognize and explaing that something that you have computed is not correct than if you merely leave it as is, pretending it is correct. The exam is closed notes. You are allowed to use a calculator and one page (8.5 by 11) with personal summary, prepared by your own hand writing (no photo copies are allowed). Please turn off and put away all electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) Good luck!
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ENGRI 115, Fall 2006 2 1. (15) Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, has just told you of his plan to invest $1.2 million in one or more of the four major entertainment companies (Artisan, Disney, Fox, Lions Gate). As his investment advisor, you are to determine which companies Mr. Murdoch should invest in and how many shares of those companies he needs to buy in order to maximize his estimated annual return. His financial research team has provided you with the information you need to make the decision. (Disclaimer: the problem and all the numbers provided are fictitious and overly simplified) Entertainment companies Stock Price per share Est. Annual return per share 1. ARTISAN $14 $0.98 2. DISNEY $25 $1.42 3. FOX $24.5 $2.11 4. LIONS GATE $2.38 $0.39 Shares can be purchased in fractional amounts, but you have to buy at least one whole share of a company if you are investing in it. Beside these data, Mr. Murdoch also gave you some additional guidelines that you need to follow: Total number of ARTISAN and DISNEY shares bought has to be greater than 5,000. You can invest in at most 3 different companies. You can invest in either DISNEY or FOX but not both. You can invest in LIONS GATE only if you invest in ARTISAN. Formulate (do not solve) a linear IP (or Mixed linear IP) to maximize Mr. Murdoch’s annual return on investment, clearly defining the variables. Soluiton: Note that here we need to decide both which stocks to buy, and for those stocks we are buying, how much to buy. Therefore, we will have two groups of variables: for each j = 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, corresponding to the four companies above, we define y j = ± 1 if some amount of stock of company j is purchased , 0 otherwise , and x j = number of shares of company j purchased . Using these variables, the return-maximization problem subject to the constraints
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115finalF06s - ENGRI 115, Fall 2006 ENGRI 115 FINAL...

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