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PreLab8 - Fractional solution • Integer solution •...

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ENGRI 1101 Engineering Applications of OR Fall 2008 Prelab 8 Linear Programming Formulations Name: Date: Thursday section: October 30 Monday section: November 3 Objectives: Practice in formulating linear programming problems Introduce the idea of linear relaxation Demonstrate the relationship between an integer program and its linear relaxation Demonstrate the idea of sensitivity analysis in linear programming Key Ideas: Objective function Constraints Optimal solution
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Unformatted text preview: Fractional solution • Integer solution • Linear Program • Integer Program • Linear relaxation • Sensitivity analysis Reading Assignment: • Read Chapter 3 of Winston (included in the coursepack), especially section 3.4. Brief description: In this lab we will consider one of the most famous (and one of the earliest) appli-cations of linear programming — the diet problem. Nothing to submit — just make sure you do the reading carefully. 1...
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