Elephant - age class of females produced per individual of...

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Name:_____________________ Section:_______________  Assignment #2—Life Tables The life table below has been adapted from:  Laws, R.M. 1966. Age criteria for the African elephant,  Loxodonta a. africana East African Wildlife Journal    4 :1-36. African elephants ( Loxodonta  africana ) are the world’s largest  animal.  The African elephant is a social creature which travels in  herds throughout the savannas of Africa.  In the 1960s a culling  program to remove elephants  from the Murchison Park in Uganda  began. The author of this paper used jaw and teeth morphology  from the killed animals to recreate the population structure of the  elephants in the park.  Fill out the life table below: x a x l x F x m x l x m x Log 10 l x age class (years) # entering  age class Proportion  surviving to  start of age  class # of females  produced by 
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Unformatted text preview: age class # of females produced per individual # of female young produced per original individuals For graph 0 to 2 325 2 to 4 320 4 to 6 315 6 to 8 303 8 to 10 285 10 to 12 256 12 to 14 210 14 to 16 168 34 16 to 18 135 27 18 to 20 94 19 20 to 22 78 16 22 to 24 60 12 24 to 26 42 8 26 to 28 19 4 28 to 30 5 1 R = Answer the following questions: 1. Is this population stable? Decreasing? Increasing? How can you tell? 2. Graph log 10 l x on the paper grid below. Which age class is most vulnerable and in which age class is the risk of death lowest? 3. If you were in charge of managing this population what techniques or policies would you use to reverse the species decline and why? Discuss at least 3 techniques/policies that you would implement....
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Elephant - age class of females produced per individual of...

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