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1 does does it increase 1 does it reach a stable

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Unformatted text preview: tio of S:R:F =same for all generations thereafter). What does that look like ? thereafter). Evaluate which transitions contribute most Evaluate to population change ? Once established whole matrix on Once computer and run for generations –what if you change one vital rate by small or large amount ? How sensitive is the model to a change in this one rate ? change Desert tortoise: Gopherus agassizi Gopherus Federally listed ‘threatened” species THREATS: •Raven & crow predation (on younger stages) •Off road vehicles (crushing burrows and animals)—affects all stages •Highways (kill adults because they move around more) •Disease (from captive turtles)-ages affected? •Low reproduction due to poor food (fecundity) Is there an obvious transition that is source of population decline (including low fecundity) ? Populations are declining dramatically... What are most sensitive stages of life cycle ? life Are there management actions that can Are help with this ? help...
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