most accurate detailed way of projecting population

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Unformatted text preview: -most accurate, detailed way of projecting population growth population -mathematically more challenging -mathematically probably why it is not covered. probably AGE Structure….. Hypothetical….. Rapidly gr owing Fr act ion of populat ion Not r eplacing i t self- populat ion i s likely in decline Age Acacia burkittii, Australia Fig. 5.12, Townsend Age structure of two different populations of a tree that can be reliably aged tree Young Old Young Old NO recruitment since 1925 (rabbits probably causing this) Population in decline Lots of younger individuals Fencing out rabbits improves recruitment Population increasing ? What don’t we know about these populations ? Are old individuals still reproducing ? Could population increase if we got rid of rabbits ? Mortality > recruitment, can this be reversed ? Will recruitment continue or decline as habitat gets ‘full’ ? Are young individuals starting to compete with eachother ? 3. T...
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