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Unformatted text preview: he decreased transitions between dynamics She different stages (one by one) and reran models. NO ONE transition would cause big reduction in pop. growth. reduction Population growth (λ) higher in natural prairies higher versus in city. versus City populations were more crowded and City habitat getting filled up. Rate of increase =lower. =lower. Interesting aside…. Interesting Pollinators limit seed set (a low proportion of the plant’s ovules (a get fertilized) get If there were more, or better pollinators, spread of this species could increase much faster—particularly true in the natural prairies! true To reduce this species…. To Tweeked fecundity for average models… Must reduce seed production and by 99% to reduce population growth !! to Tortoise study: goal Tortoise was to enhance tortoise populations. tortoise Broom study: goal Broom was to control pest population. population. used transition matrix used to see where to increase survival to increase create positive pop. growth growth Used transition matrix Used to identify where to decrease survival or decrease decrease fecundity to decrease broom lambda lambda...
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