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Unformatted text preview: ransition matrices 3. (Matrix modeling) (Matrix Age based models are called Leslie Matrix Age models models (if age is chronological, must always move to (if another ‘age’ or die. If you lump ages into classes, then you are doing a Lefkovich model.) model.) Stage based models are called Lefkovich Stage matrices or models matrices (can stay in a stage) “Transition matrix” term = not Transition synonymous with “Population viability analyses” (PVAs) BUT viability Most PVAs are matrix projection models of Most matrix some sort some = THE tool of choice for evaluating rare THE species survival (came into vogue in early 1990s) 1990s) My challenge My Introduce the tool of matrix projection Introduce because it IS tool of choice for conservation and is very useful BUT conservation Keep it simple YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW how to YOU do matrix algebra. But must understand basic structure of models, what can be done with these matrices, and what data are needed to create them. a...
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