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Technical Analysis of Basketball Instructor: Barb Beainy Phone: 455-1421 (cell) Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm by appt. Office: RC 1608A E-mail: [email protected] Classroom: RC 1501 Mon 9/28/09: Introduction, Class Requirements (create groups), Names Weds. 9/30/09: Offensive warm-up drills, offensive fundamentals drills Mon. 10/5/09: Principles of Screening, Offense (“motion offense”), footwork and shooting drills Weds. 10/7/09: Defensive warm-ups, defensive principles and technique (defending “motion offense”) Mon. 10/12/09: Zone Defense and Rebounding-- Mark French, UCSB W. basketball Weds. 10/14/09: Full ct warm-ups, pre-habilitation, and Rebounding techniques and drills (3 on 3, 5 on 5) Mon. 10/19/09: Person to person defense (5 D) Weds. 10/21/09: 5 Defense and 5D breakdown drills (3 on 3, shell, 5 on 5) Mon. 10/26/09: Planning and conducting a basketball practice— Mark French, UCSB W. basketball
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