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1 Page 1 1 Lecture Outline Issues: (a) What does amnesia teach us? (b) Neuroimaging dissociation (c) Behavioral dissociation 1. Explicit and Implicit memory 2. Amnesia 2.1. Anterograde, temporally-graded retrograde 2.2. Impaired explicit, but not implicit, memory 3. PET study of explicit/implicit memory 4. Behavioral study of explicit/implicit memory 2 Learn list: (auditory) (visual) (visual) (visual) (auditory) (auditory) 3 Explicit Task Explicit test phase: Visually presented, yes-no recognition test. Result: No difference in performance for words that had been visually presented and words that had an auditory presentation. 4 Implicit Task Implicit test phase: Visually presented priming test. Subjects had to name the word as fast as possible. Result: Faster at naming the word if the word had been visually presented (because the word is also presented visually in the test phase, so they’re in the same modality --- priming results when the word appears in the same modality. 5 Conclusion: One-Way (Single) Dissociation Modality of presentation affects implicit memory performance but not explicit memory. Presentation Modality Visual Auditory Test Phase: Explicit task Same Same (Visual) Implicit task Faster Slower (Visual) 6 Step 2 Find an independent variable that affects explicit memory but not implicit.
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2 Page 2 7 Depth of Processing (Levels of Processing) Words can be encoded at different depths (levels) Physical (appearance of letters) Acoustic (sound of word) Semantic (meaning of word) Deeper encoding = easier to remember 8 Double Dissociation Part II (a) rate how pleasant they are (b) respond with a word that rhymes Learn list: fnger table power trash gallery. .. Explicit test: Recall the words Implicit test: Priming: Fragment completion Result: Depth oF processing aFFects explicit but not implicit 9 Depth oF processing Visual vs. Auditory Modality Explicit Implicit Recall Recognition Priming Double Dissociation: summary 10 Long-term Memory Explicit Implicit Semantic Episodic Skills Priming Classical (Facts) (personal Conditioning episodes) Hippocampal Region 11 12 Lecture Outline Issues: (a) Semantic memory, categorization (b) What defines a mental category? (c) Similarity and similarity judgments 1. Semantic memory and categorization Memory taxonomy: semantic,episodic,implicit. .. Categorization as a fundamental process
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L11Categories.6slides - Lecture Outline Issues(a What does...

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