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1 Page 1 1 Lecture Outline Issues: (a) Stages of skill acquisition (b) Theory of skill acquisition (c) Motor program representations 1. Skill acquisition 1.1. Stages: cognitive, associative, automatic 1.2. Theory: ACT* Production rules, knowledge compilation (proceduralization, composition) 2. Motor program representations 2.1. Response chaining & problems 2.2. Abstract, hierarchical representations 2 2. How is a motor skill represented so that each action is executed in the appropriate sequence? 1. How does practice turn declarative knowledge into procedural knowledge? Motor Skills: Two Questions Practice Time Speedup with Practice 4 Stages of Skill (Fitts and Posner) Cognitive Associative Autonomous/Automatic Example: Golf learn the basics by verbal instruction practice components and see which ones work components are strung together continued practice produces automatic stroke production. 5 Cognitive stage Declarative knowledge. Commit facts to memory. Rehearse as you try to perform. Requires attention--can’t do second task. May be independent of skill: the best teacher may not be the most skillful, but rather someone who knows how to describe the behavior well. 6 “My left arm is pointed up at my vertical target area, and because of this type of toss, my knee bend is deep and my torso is somewhat tilted back. The torso and shoulders have coiled, and the right elbow is low. Vic Braden once said that for a big serve, ‘fire the extensors, baby.’”
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2 Page 2 7 Associative Stage Strengthen connections that lead to desired result Feedback is important: See which actions lead to desired result
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L17Skills.6slides - Lecture Outline Issues(a Stages of...

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