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Final Exam Study Guide F '09 - 1 EALC 350g Birge Final Exam...

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EALC 350g Chinese Civilization Birge Fall 2009 Final Exam Study Guide (See also Questions for Discussion) Film: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Confucian, Buddhist, Taoist themes; importance of virtue; marriage and gender roles Video: "The Long Search: A Quest for Balance" Religious Taoism: Quest for Immortality, , Outer Alchemy waidan (e.g.elixers of life) Immortal (xian ) Inner Alchemy neidan (e.g.Breathing/meditation, gymnastic exercises, dietetics, sexual practices); nurture qi , balance yin and yang Kingdom of Great Peace Supernatural Beings chiao (jiao )   (rite to communicate with spirits) Commandments of Lord Lao [see Reader] Six Dynasties Poetry of the Recluse T'ao Ch'ien (Tao Qian) (T'ao Yüan-ming) d.427 Chinese Medicine Guest lecture Differences between Chinese and western views of the body and disease Yin-yang balance; qi ; Five Elements Model (five viscera in balance); generative cycle, control cycle methods of healing: herbs, accupuncture (meridians), Tui Na massage Buddhism: Basic Buddhist concepts Sakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama) 563-483 B.C. (historical Buddha) Four Noble Truths 8-Fold Path Karma Nirvana Theraveda/Hinayana Arhats Compassion Non-attachment, non-ego Impermanance Meditation practice Mahayana Bodhisattva
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Final Exam Study Guide F '09 - 1 EALC 350g Birge Final Exam...

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