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350g SYL F'09 - 1 EALC 350g Fall 2009 Chinese Civilization...

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EALC 350g Fall 2009 Chinese Civilization Wed., Fri. 10:00-11:50 WPH B27 Discussion sections Mon. 10:00 VKC 260, VKC 210; Mon. 11:00 THH 213, SOS B37 Professor Bettine Birge Office: Taper Hall of Humanities 356R Phone: 740-6660 e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 12:00- 1:00, and by appointment Section Number 25496R Teaching Assistants: Jingyu XUE Keisha BROWN THH 361, 740-3686 THH 361, 740-3686 [email protected] [email protected] Office hours: Wed. 1-3 Office hours: Mon. 12:30 – 2:30 This course presents basic features and highlights of Chinese civilization from neolithic times down to the present day. It explores both the development and the continuities of this great civilization, including aspects of history, philosophy, religion, politics, gender, literature, and art. We will also look at some areas of Chinese culture that are becoming part of American society and that you may encounter in your own life (for instance Buddhist practice, feng-shui, Chinese medicine). No prior knowledge of China is required. This course satisfies the requirements for GE Category II, Global Cultures and Traditions, i.e. it provides a broad introduction to cultural norms and patterns of a civilization outside of the Greco-Roman and European tradition. The course seeks to help students understand the impact of historical development on cultures that interact in the contemporary geopolitical scene and become better prepared to participate in an increasingly global cultural and political landscape. Assignments and Grading : Map Exercise: due Fri. 4 Sept. 3 % (ungraded, A or F credit) Confucius Analects, Favorite passage due Wed. 9 Sept. (part of class participation grade) I-ching divination: due Fri. 2 Oct. 4% (ungraded, A or F credit) Midterm Exam: Fri. 9 Oct. 20 % First Paper 4-6 pages: due Wed. 28 Oct. 20% Quiz on Shen Fu reading: Wed. 18 Nov. 4% Quiz on Son of the Revolution : Wed. 2 Dec. 4% Second Paper 5-7 pages: due Fri. 4 Dec. 20% Final Exam: Mon. 14 Dec. 8:00- 10:00 a.m. 20% Class attendance and participation 5% Grading is based on a total of 100 points (or 100%) for the semester. 100-93 is an A, 92-90 is an A-, 89-87 is a B+, 86-83 is a B, etc. Any score less than 60 is an F, or if taking the class P/NP anything less than 70 is a NP. Required texts (on sale in bookstore) : 1
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Patricia Ebrey, The Cambridge Illustrated History of China (“Ebrey”) Wing-tsit Chan ed. A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy (“Chan”) Benjamin Hoff, Tao of Pooh Shen Fu Six Records of a Floating Life Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro, Son of the Revolution Course Reader: available from University Graphics (Magic Machine) in University Village, 3309 S. Hoover, Tel. (213) 744-1511 (behind Burger King). (Additional materials may be put on electronic reserves or posted to Blackboard during the semester.) Recommended Texts Wm. Theodore de Bary ed. Sources of Chinese Tradition, 2nd edition Vol. 1 (de Bary, Sources ) Frederick Mote, Intellectual Foundations of China (out of print but available from library, Amazon, or used book sellers) Attendance and Readings: Class attendance and participation are an important part of this course.
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