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EALC 350g Chinese Civilization Dr. Birge Son of the Revolution Study Guide 1. Why does Liang Heng's father Liang Shan support the Communist party so faithfully? 2. What has happened to traditional thought like filial piety? What has replaced it? 3. Why did Liang Heng not visit his mother for so many years? How did the PRC government get people to act as LH did in this case? 4. What differences do you see in the book between the city and the countryside in China? 5. What was Liang Heng's reaction to the presence of Chairman Mao in Tiananmen square?
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Unformatted text preview: Why did Liang Heng love chairman Mao so much? 6. What do you think were the causes of violence seen in Son of the Revolution ? Do you think any society might experience such violence under the right conditions? Main characters (be sure to know these) Liang Heng narrator Liang Shan (his father) Liang Fang (his oldest sister) Liang Wei-ping (his second sister) His mother (Zhi-de) Zhu Zhi-dao (Liang Shan's second wife) Judith Shapiro...
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