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EALC 350g Chinese Civilization Birge Fall 2009 Final Exam Study Guide (See also Questions for Discussion) Film: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Confucian, Buddhist, Taoist themes; importance of virtue; marriage and gender roles Taoist? Li is a Wudan member.  Wudan Sect is Daoist.  (Its members are mostly Taoist priests who practised Taoism apart from martial arts.) The Wudang Sect's martial arts focus on the use of "soft" and gentle techniques to overcome opponents (the "inner energy" skills and Qinggong ). Wudan Qigong. Due to the strong Taoist influence, Wudang members also spend their time on making elixirs and special medicines to improve their health and inner energy. Confucian Yu Shu-lien: traditional women’s (limited) role Relationship between Yu and Li. Buddhist Li follows Jen and feels her kung fu is better than before. They enter a bamboo forest, an  important point in their relationship.  In Buddhism, bamboo represents the spirit of emptiness  spirit in the vase which the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin carries. This vase contains  purification  water.  The hollow bamboo represents the true mind, so the bamboo forest lets Jen and Li calm their  minds.  Their pursuit through the bamboo forest like a pair of butterflies is like a butterfly  transforming into a higher level.  Li tells Jen he didn't kill her in the old temple because he  wanted to see her true mind.  Now in the bamboo forest , where they are alone with just the  shadows of the wind and bamboo and their own two shadows  he seems to know her true mind This happens because in the bamboo forest they can exchange their energies with each other.  1
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Video: "The Long Search: A Quest for Balance" Religious Taoism: Quest for Immortality, , Outer Alchemy waidan (e.g. elixir of life) Immortal (xian ) Inner Alchemy neidan (e.g.Breathing/meditation, gymnastic exercises, dietetics, sexual practices); nurture qi , balance yin and yang Kingdom of Great Peace Supernatural Beings Commandments of Lord Lao ( ) [see Reader] Six Dynasties Poetry of the Recluse T'ao Ch'ien ( Tao Qian ) (T'ao Yüan-ming) d.427 During Jing Dynasty (Liu Sung Dynasty)
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ealc 350g_Final Exam Study Guide F '09 - 1 EALC 350g Birge...

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