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jour 190_notes oct.13 - (President Regan A Man for His...

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Notes Oct. 13 “We defected from marketing and joined the markets.” – Peter Hirshberg The way companies used to do was marketing to the people, but now both the companies and the people are part of the marketing. Next week’s speaker: Editor in Chief of Los Angeles Times Assignment: read through some LA Times articles this week and think how they report these stories. This week’s speaker: David Hume Kennerly [photographer] [awful pic of President Nixon] people asked Kennerly why he did this to Nixon, but actually Nixon he himself told Kennerly that he nailed it down. Nixon said he hadn’t slept for two days at the moment, and he thought that Kennerly captured it pretty well. Went to Vietnam and Cambodia during the Vietnam war The Mayuguez Incident Picture of Deng xiao ping Pope John Paul II Queen Elizabeth Emperor of Japan, 1976 Japanese Geisha with American officials
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Unformatted text preview: (President) Regan: A Man for His Times Tiananmen Square’s 50 th anniversary (ten years ago from now) Clinton: I was sinned. Hilary Clinton’s weird pic: Dear David, I was thinking of you! (written on the back of the photo, which Kennerly asked her to sign for him) Al Gore…(looking for something… I don’t know what…well he got the Nobel prize later) LOL 911: Pentagon in Washington secret meetings for monitoring wars Obama in 2004 Beyonce Bush leaving the white house for the last time while Obama walks around in the new place for him Hanah Montanna poster Obama’s inaugural balls Dick Cheney’s butchering of meat [was titled The Take, which made Kennerly doubt the editorial] “Nothing in any of the photos was set up. I never did that.”...
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jour 190_notes oct.13 - (President Regan A Man for His...

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