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jour 190_notes sept. 22

jour 190_notes sept. 22 - Journalism 190 Notes Sept 22 A...

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Journalism 190 Notes Sept. 22 A program called “Democracy has a New Challenge”. “Democracy is…” [youtube videos made by people from different countries] “Zambia – Democracy is…” Lucas Szozda from Poland – video: democracy is about freedom in expression video about manipulation of people by political leaders [featuring Indian (people from India) people doing rap] Getting ideas across through Facebook, twitter, and youtube is very important. article: “Climate Change: from cows to kilowatts – a case study in successful technology transfer” It took a while for the state department (governments) to realize that letting people think about or participate in democracy is actually a good thing. “Democracy is very expensive.” Not a compliment on democracy but probably quite true. The Impact of the Internet – Year Nine Report, 2009 Surveying the Digital Future – The World Internet Project [Speaker: Jeffrey Cole, director of the digital center at USC]
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