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Online Assignment 2 The story “Why News Organizations Need a Facebook Strategy” 1 is written by Dorian Benkoil. It basically describes the advantage and importance for news organizations to place their contents on Facebook, as well as some possible ways to make profits on Facebook pages as these organizations would on their own websites. According to Benkoil, when talking about how people receive information, there are two unique things about Facebook. The first one is that with increasingly more services and functions available on Facebook, “users may not want or need to open a
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Unformatted text preview: new browser to search in Google or Yahoo or go to a Web site for whatever news and information they seek.” Therefore it is best if the news organization’s content is placed on Facebook. The other feature is that with a Facebook fan page, the news organization can directly interact with its audience. With these two features, Facebook is definitely one of the great platforms for news organizations’ voices to be heard. 1 Benkoil, Dorian. "Poynter Online - E-Media Tidbits". Nov.1, 2009 <>....
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