js211g_final exam nazi policy timeline

js211g_final exam nazi policy timeline - 1933-39:...

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1933-39: emigration; policies unorganized; tried all kinds of policies to make life hard for Jews and see if they would just leave on their own. 1938: acceleration in Nazi policies; Kristallnacht: final reminder that Jews were not wanted in Germany; first time Jews got sent to concentration camps because they were Jews; coerced emigration 1939-41: Nazi invasion of Poland marks a shift in Nazi policy; emigration almost impossible now; ghettolization with Jewish councils (Judenrat; leaders such as Czerniakow of the Warsaw Ghetto, who committed suicide; or Rumkowski, dictator who tried to let the Lodz Ghetto outlive the Nazis and almost succeeded) [movie: A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto]; also at this point, Nazis thinking what they should do with the Jews ultimately, e.g. Madagascar plan, Lublin plan, etc. (no consensus yet) 1941-45: invasion of Russia (June) -> final solution (decision made by Oct. 1941); Jewish armed resistance emerged (never an activity before final solution stage) 1933-34 Nazi policy was fairly moderate, not wishing to scare off voters or moderately- minded politicians. Also, at this point Hitler first sought for communists (immediate threat), not Jews (long-term threat in his eyes). Tens of thousands of Jews fled to other European countries in 1933 as Hitler came to power, but at this point Nazi goals are still unclear to most people. 1933 April
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js211g_final exam nazi policy timeline - 1933-39:...

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