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Unformatted text preview: JS-211g Final Study Guide(a) Be sure to include basic information about the text, including the type of document and the historical context in which it was produced. Summarize the argument and main points. (b) Explain the significance of this text in relationship to key concepts covered in the course. What does the document illustrate about the development of Nazi anti-Jewish policy and Jewish responses to it? Nuremburg Laws 1935Kovner’s Testimony on WittenbergBecoming commander of a ghetto resistance organization of the murder of the previous leader, WittenbergThreat of collective punishment: if Wittenberg wasn’t turned over, the whole ghetto would be destroyed. “we stood facing our brothers” these people were going to fight the resistance organization to have some more time to live.Chaim Kaplan’s diaryDiary in Warsaw ghettoPeople still trying to live their lives, e.g. dancing, black markets (smuggling) – jewish community on a battlefield (to survive), “we don’t want simply to disappear from the...
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JS_211_study_guide_final_2009_primary - JS-211g Final Study...

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