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* In Lukas’ essay, he says: The wonder is not how few but how many Jews were saved. (in Poland during the German occupation). (p.198) This is exactly the difference between the two essays. One focuses on how few Jews were saved, while the other one focuses on how many were saved. They each present their own evidence to backup their arguments. * Gutman and Krakowski emphasize on Poles’ greed. Greed is emphasized over and over in their writing. They spend a lot of paragraphs presenting accounts of Poles committing crimes against Jews so that they could get the belongings of the Jews or get rewarded for
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Unformatted text preview: turning the Jews in. Lukas does include all these in his essay. * Instead Lukas emphasizes on how dangerous and difficult it would be for Poles to help Jews and so how heroic of the Poles it would be if some sort of assistance did take place. (Gutman and Krakowski do acknowledge the difficulty for Poles to save Jews, but this is not emphasized in their essay.) * And he also mentions the factors that contributed to anti-Semitism in Poland, which doesn’t appear in Gutman and Krakowski’s essay. [1. Jewish collaboration with the Soviets; 2. Germans’ anti-Semitic propaganda]...
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