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Write-up on The Abandonment of the Jews by David S. Wyman Wyman argues that America and other Western forces could have done much more to save the Jews and that they failed to really commit to saving Jews because they didn’t really want to save them – not because of the various excuses given out. Wyman proposes a list of programs that could have been tried. He says that the U.S. government could have given more funds and power to WRB; pressed Germany and Axis satellites to release the Jews; applied pressure on the Soviet Union, the British government (and the dominions), the Vatican, the International Red Cross, Latin American nations, Canada, Palestine, and neutral countries near the Axis to take Jews in or take other actions to assist; launched a campaign to stimulate and assist escapes of Jews; transferred much more money, food, and medical supplies to Europe; provided military assistance; publicized more about the extermination of the Jews, which might have influenced the Christian populations (not to cooperate with Nazis
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