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Quiz 2.2B AP Statistics Name: The Chapin Social Insight Test evaluates how accurately the subject appraises other people. In the reference population used to develop the test, scores are approximately normally distributed with mean 25 and standard deviation 5. The range of possible scores is 0 to 41. 1. If a randomly selected student has a score of 40, then how many standard deviations away from the mean is that student’s score? 2. Determine the standardized value for the score of 22. 3. What is the relative frequency corresponding to a score of 25 or more? The Graduate Record Examinations are widely used to help predict the performance of applicants to
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Unformatted text preview: graduate schools. The range of possible scores on a GRE is 200 to 900. The psychology department at a university finds that the scores of its applicants on the quantitative GRE are approximately normal with mean = 544 and standard deviation = 103. Use the table to find the relative frequency of applicants whose score X satisfies the following conditions: (As part of your answer, draw a standard normal curve and shade the area under the curve that represented the answer to the question. 4. X < 500 5. 500 < X < 700 6. What minimum score would a student need in order to score better than 77% of those taking the test? Chapter 2...
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