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Quiz3.1B - the response variable 2 Plot a scatterplot of...

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Quiz 3.1B AP Statistics Name: If an object is dropped from a height, its downward speed theoretically increases linearly over time because the object is subject to the steady pull of gravity. Because it is not easy to measure speed after a fixed time, a plot of speed vs. time will usually not lie exactly on a straight line. Here are observational data on the speed of a ball dropped from a certain height at time t = 0: Time (seconds) 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8_ Speed (m/sec) 0 1.92 3.58 6.01 7.88 1. Is there an explanatory–response relationship? If so, which is the explanatory variable, and which is
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Unformatted text preview: the response variable? 2. Plot a scatterplot of the data. Don’t forget to label your axes and mark scales. 3. Is there a positive or negative association between the two variables? If so, which? If there is an association between YEAR and RECORD, describe it in a sentence. 4. Identify any regression outliers. 5. If there is an association, is it strong? Would you be willing to predict the speed when t = 1 second? If so, what speed would you predict for time t = 1 second? Chapter 3...
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