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Quiz 5.1B AP Statistics Name: 1 . In late 1995, a Gallup survey reported that Americans approved sending troops to Bosnia by 46 to 40 percent. The poll did not mention that 20,000 U.S. troops were committed to go. A CBS News poll, mentioned the 20,000 figure and got the opposite outcome -- a 58 to 33 percent disapproval rate. Briefly explain why the mention of the number of troops would cause such a big difference in the poll results. Write the name for the kind of bias that is at work here. 2 . A church group interested in promoting volunteerism in a community chooses a SRS of 200 community addresses and sends members to visit these addresses during weekday working hours and inquire about the residents' attitude toward volunteer work. 60% of all respondents say that they would be willing to donate at least an hour a week to some volunteer organization. Bias is present in this sample design. Identify the type of bias involved and state whether you
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Unformatted text preview: think the sample proportion obtained is higher or lower than the true population proportion. 3 . A club contains 30 students and 10 faculty members. The students are Abel Fisher Huber Moran Reinmann Carson Golomb Jimeniz Moskowitz Santos Chen Griswold Jone Neyman Shaw David Hein Kiefer OBrien Thompson Deming Hernandez Klotz Pearl Utz Elashoff Holland Liu Potter Vlasic and the faculty members are Andrews Fernandez Kim Moore Rabinozitz Besicovitch Gupta Lightman Phillips Yang The club can send four students and two faculty members to a convention and decides to choose those who will go by random selection. (a) What is the name of the sampling process that will randomly select four students and two faculty members? (b) Use the Table of Random Digits beginning at Line 115 to choose a sample of 4 students, and begin at line 120 to select the 2 faculty members. Chapter 5...
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