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Quiz 6.2B AP Statistics Name: If a single die is rolled one time, find the probabilities of getting 1. a 4 2. an even number 3. a number greater than 4 4. a number less than 7 5. a number greater than 0 6. a number greater than 3 or an odd number 7. a number greater than 3 and an odd number Abby, Barbara, Carla, Dan, and Ennis work in a firm’s public relations office. Their employer must choose two of them to attend a conference in Chicago. To avoid unfairness, the choice will be made
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Unformatted text preview: by drawing two names from a hat. (This is a sample size of 2.) 8. Write down all possible choices of two of the five names. For convenience, you can simply use the first letter of their names. 9. The random drawing makes all choices equally likely. What is the probability of each choice? 10. What is the probability that neither of the two men (Dan and Ennis) is chosen? Chapter 6...
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