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Quiz 8.1B AP Statistics Name: In problems 1 and 2, indicate whether a binomial distribution is a reasonable probability model for the random variable X. Give your reasons in each case. 1. The pool of potential jurors for a murder case contains 100 persons chosen at random from the adult residents of a large city. Each person in the pool is asked whether he or she opposes the death penalty. X is the number who say, “Yes.” 2. Joey buys a Virginia lottery ticket every week. X is the number of times in a year that he wins a
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Unformatted text preview: prize. A fair coin is flipped 20 times. 3. Determine the probability that the coin comes up tails exactly 15 times. 4. Find the probability that the coin comes up tails at least 15 times. (Include enough details so that it can be understood how you arrived at your answer.) 5. Find the mean and standard deviation for the random variable X in this coin flipping problem. 6. Find the probability that X takes a value within 2 standard deviations of its mean. Chapter 8...
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