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Quiz 10.1B AP Statistics Name: Suppose your class is investigating the weights of Snickers 1-ounce fun-size candy bars to see if customers are getting full value for their money. Assume that the weights are normally distributed with standard deviation σ = .005 ounces. Several candy bars are randomly selected and weighed with sensitive balances borrowed from the physics lab. The weights are: .95 1.02 .98 .97 1.05 1.01
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Unformatted text preview: .98 1.00 ounces. We want to determine a 90% confidence interval for the true mean, µ. 1. What is the sample mean? 2. Explain the meaning of the confidence level. 3. Determine z*. (Show work, including a sketch of the distribution.) 4. Find the margin of error. 5. Determine the 90% confidence interval for the mean weight of the candy bars. Follow the Inference Toolbox. Chapter 10-3.0 3.0 .50-.50...
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