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Quiz 10.2B AP Statistics Name: Statistics can help decide the authorship of literary works. Sonnets by an Elizabethan poet are known to contain an average of μ = 6.9 new words (words not used in the poet’s other works). The standard deviation of the number of new words is σ = 2.7. Now a manuscript with five new sonnets has come to light, and scholars are debating whether it is the poet’s work. The new sonnets contain an average of x = 9.2 words not used in the poet’s known works. We expect poems by another author to contain
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Unformatted text preview: more new words. 1. State appropriate hypotheses in both words and symbols. 2. Identify the appropriate statistical procedure and verify conditions for its use. 3. Calculate the test statistic and the P-value. Illustrate using the graph provided. 4. State your conclusions clearly in complete sentences. Chapter 10 Quiz 10.2B-3.0 3.0 .50-.50...
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