Quiz 11.2B - standard deviation 7.8. For the control group,...

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Quiz 11.2B AP Statistics Name: In a study of heart surgery, one issue was the effect of drugs called beta-blockers on the pulse rate of patients during surgery. The available subjects were divided at random into two groups of 30 patients each. One group received a beta-blocker; the other group received a placebo. The pulse rate of each patient at a critical point during the operation was recorded. The treatment group had mean 65.2 and
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Unformatted text preview: standard deviation 7.8. For the control group, the mean was 70.3 and the standard deviation was 8.3. 1. Perform an appropriate significance test to see if beta-blockers reduce the pulse rate. Follow the Inference Toolbox. 2. Give a 99% confidence interval for the difference in mean pulse rates. Interpret the confidence interval you obtain. Chapter 11 Quiz 11.2B...
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