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Quiz 14.1B AP Statistics Name: There is some evidence that drinking moderate amounts of wine helps prevent heart attacks. The table gives data on yearly wine consumption (liters of alcohol from drinking wine, per person), and yearly deaths from heart disease (deaths per 100,000 people) in a dozen developed nations. Alcohol Heart Alcohol Heart from disease from disease Country wine deaths Country wine deaths Austria 3.9 167 Spain 6.5 86 Canada 2.4 191 Sweden 1.6 207 Denmark 2.9 220 Switzerland 5.8 115 France 9.1 71 United Kingdom 1.3 285 Ireland 0.7 300 United States 1.2 199 Italy 7.9 107 West Germany 2.7 172 1. Make a scatterplot that shows how wine consumption affects heart disease. Label the vertical axis from 50 to 300 with increments of
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Unformatted text preview: 25. 2. Use your TI-83 to obtain the LSRL equation and correlation. 3. Formulate null and alternative hypotheses about the slope of the true regression line. 4. Report the sum of the 12 residuals and the sum of the squares of the residuals. What is the value of s (the standard error about the line)? 5. The model for regression inference has 3 parameters: , , and . Estimate these parameters from the data. 6. Computer output reports that the standard error of the slope is SE b = 3.511. Use this to construct a 95% confidence interval for the slope of the true regression line. Chapter 14...
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