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Adult Heart Transplant Telemetry Orders Sutter Memorial Hospital Patient Identification 00255 (4/19/05) ORDERS Authorization for therapeutic substitution is given unless checked here A Sutter Health Affiliate STAT MEDICATION SCANNED TO PHARMACY Date: ____________Time: ____________ 1. NURSING PROCEDURES: a. Transfer to 4 East b. Vital signs Q _______ hours c. Daily weights d. I&O Q 8 hours e. Telemetry monitoring f. Strict handwashing g. Patient to wear protective mask when out of room h. Low fat, low cholesterol, no added salt diet i. Routine care of IV sites j. Incentive spirometer Q 2 hours while awake k. Change incentive spirometer every week l. O 2 per nasal cannula at ________L/minute m.Stool guaiac once per week 2. MEDICATIONS: a. PO pain medications as ordered by physician b. Psyllium 5 mL in H 2 O BID PO c. Maalox maximum strength 30 mL PO with steroid dose. (Both IV and/or PO steroid doses.) d. Mycophenolate Mofetil (CellCept): ________ mg PO Q ________ hours Check most recent WBC prior to administering dose; if WBC is less than 4,000 hold dose and notify physician
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