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STAT MEDICATION Heart Cath Orders Post Procedure Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Patient Identification 01028 (7/9/09) ORDERS Authorization for therapeutic substitution is given unless checked here A Sutter Health Affiliate SCANNED TO PHARMACY 1. Disposition: Discharge to home when discharge criteria met. Status of Admission: Outpatient with Extended Recovery Observation Level of Care: Telemetry CVIU ICU/CICU 2. Remove sheath(s) per protocol for hemostasis at ________ (time). If sheath(s) cannot be removed at ordered time, notify physician and obtain further orders. Premedicate x 1 with _________________________________________________________________________ Treat hypertension >160 systolic or >90 diastolic with _______________________________________________ IV. Normal Saline IV 250-500 mL for symptomatic hypotension PRN. 3. Activity: Bedrest for ______ hours with affected leg straight. May elevated head of bed 30-60 degrees one hour after sheath removal. Out of bed/dangle ______ hours after hemostasis obtained. 4. Diet: Cardiac diet. Encourage PO fluids. Other ___________________________________________ 5. IV: ________________________________ at _______ mL per hour for ______ hours.
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