2 3 4 5 6 loading dose infuse magnesium sulfate 40gm

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Unformatted text preview: Dose: Infuse Magnesium Sulfate 40gm in 1000mL H20 at over ________ minutes by infusion pump. 2. Other 3. Maintenance Dose: Infuse Magnesium Sulfate at 4. Mainline IV 1000mL 5. PRN IV Site Change. 6. Vital Signs/Loading Dose: at gm gm/hour. mL/hour by infusion pump. Temp, BP, heart rate, RR, DRT’s before infusion begins, then BP, heart rate, RR every 10 minutes while infusing loading dose, then at one and two hours following completion of loading dose. 7. Vital Signs/Maintenance Dose: Assess and document BP, heart rate and respiratory rate every 4 hours. 8. Keep I&O record. • If indwelling catheter in place, notify M.D. if urine output is less than 30mL/hour....
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