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Heparin Drip Protocol Orders 1. Choose 1: DVT/PE Protocol GUSTO Protocol 2B3A INTEGRITI Protocol 2. Bolus dose: Yes No (See protocol below for recommended dose.) 3. Begin heparin infusion at ______ units/hour 4. CBC (no diff) every other day while on heparin. (Note: If platelet count under 100,000, notify prescribing M.D. If platelet count under 75,000, draw heparin induced antiplatelet antibody.(HIAA)) 5. Check PTT 6 hours after starting infusion and 4 hours after every drip rate change and daily while on heparin. Stop infusion and call MD for PTT over 150 sec. 1. Bolus: (80 units/kg) _____________________ units Weight _____________________ kg 2. Infusion: Recommend 18units/kg/hour 3. Adjust Heparin drip as follows: 1 . Bolus: (60 units/kg) _____________________ units Weight _____________________ kg 2. Infusion: Recommend 16units/kg/hour 3. Adjust Heparin drip as follows: 1. Adjust Heparin drip as follows: Date: _________ Time: ___________ Heparin Drip Protocol Orders Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Patient Identification 02134 (6/3/09) ORDERS A Sutter Health Affiliate SCANNED TO PHARMACY STAT MEDICATION Physician Signature _______________________________________________________ Physician # ______________________________________
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