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Unformatted text preview: Date _______________ Neuro Symptom Onset _______________ Arrival Mode: Walk-in EMS Inpatient Ordering Physician_______________________________________ Neuro Consult: Yes No Weight _______________ kg Total dose to be administered ______________ (0.9 mg/kg not to exceed 90 mg) Bolus start time: _________________ Infusion start time:________________ Infusion end time: _________________ (bolus dose = 10% of total dose, given over 1 minute, followed by infusion of remainder of dose over 1 hour) Blood Pressure Monitoring (every 15 min x 2 hrs, every 30 min x 6 hrs, every 1 hr x 16 hrs, then every 2-4 hours per unit protocol) Monitor Time Actual Time Blood Pressure Initial -30m -15m Bolus Start +15m +30m +45m +1hr +1hr 15m +1hr 30m +1hr 45m +2hr +2hr 30m +3hr Monitor Time Actual Time Blood Pressure Initial +3hr 30m +4hr +4hr 30m +5hr +5hr 30m +6hr +6hr 30m +7hr +7hr 30m +8hr +9hr +10hr +11hr Monitor Time Actual Time Blood Pressure Initial +12hr +13hr +14hr +15hr +16hr +17hr +18hr +19hr +20hr +21hr +22hr +23hr +24hr Complications: Surface bleeding GI bleeding Neurological deterioration Intracranial hemorrhage Repeat CT Other: describe below ____________________________________________________________________________ Signature Init. Signature Patient Identification Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento A Sutter Health Affiliate t-PA for Stroke Flowsheet 21942 (8/13/09) FLOWSHEET Init. Signature Init. ...
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